Jamaat Islah ul Muslimeen

This Jamaat was formed in 5th October, 1970 by a Wali e Kamil, Sahib e Dil Nazar, Mujadid e Deen, Allaama Alhaaj Allah Bakhsh known as Sohna Saein Naqsbandi Mujadadi and today there are many branches throughout Pakistan and in different countries.The Jamaat came into form after Hazrat Sohna Saein’s great concern for the character of Muslims and their awareness towards Islam. This is to be achieved under the guidance of Silsila Aaliya Naqshbandia Mujadidi way of teachings. By spreading the word of Zikr-e-Qalbi (remembrance of Allah in ones heart), to try and ensure that zikr becomes habit and to perform meditation regularly.

JIM Media Wing (formerly 'Al-islah Network') is a Sub Organisation of Islah ul Muslimeen. Our work of tabligh on the internet began in 2000 under the direct guidance of Our Beloved Sheikh Huzoor Qibla Aalam Mehboob Sajjan Saein.

The aim of JIM Media Wing is to ensure Jamaat Islah ul Muslimeen's Live Programmes can be viewed on the internet by people all over the world who will benefit from the words of Our Beloved Sheikh Sajjan Saein... Hazrat Khuwaja Muhammad Tahir Bakhshi Ghaffari Naqshbandi.