The Grand Masjid Dargah Allah Abad Sharif, Kandiaro

The inspiration for the design of the Grand Masjid Allah Abad has been drawn from the most traditional Islamic Architectural sites such as Masjid Nabvi (PBUH) Madina Munawwarah, Imam Ali Raza Mosque, Iran. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Turkey, Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta and Khudabad Mosque Dadu, Sindh.

The Grand Masjid Allah Abad, one of its kind, where fair finish concrete technique is implemented with enhanced concrete life, simultaneously blended with porcelain Kashi tile work.

A unique design and a piece of art at preserving Kashi heritage of Indus valley civilisation by using most efficient method of fair finish concrete. Indeed, it is an addition to Islamic Architecture.

The Grand Mosque Allah Abad has been under construction since 2004 and presently its entire civil structure has been completed. It is conveniently located on National Highway at around 415km from Karachi. It is a complex of various activities and structures, comprising of School, Madressa, Hospital, Old age residence, Orphan house, Shrine of Hazrat Khawaja Sohna Saeen (R.A) and a Residential colony. The Masjid has separate structures for ablution and lavatory block. The entire complex comprises 60 acres of land owned by the Jamaat, out of it 20 acres of land is dedicated solely for the Masjid and gardens for landscaping purposes.

In the field of Construction, besides, expressing artisanship and high degree of engineering skills; arches, domes, columns, calligraphic illustrations and geometrical patterns create a continuous sense of peace, contemplation, symmetry and harmony.

The main features of the Mosque are 101 domes of various heights and sizes with only one symbolic minaret at the height of 120 feet. The main dome of the Masjid, designated as Allah’s dome at the height of 115 feet from ground level, the second dome is for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), at the height of 78 feet, remaining 99 domes are for each attribute of Allah. The various heights and sizes are designed in such a way to create sky line of single storey structure. The Masjid has a built-up area of 80,000 sq ft. and capacity to accommodate 10,000 people to perform prayers at one time with the imam.