The love of non-Muslims towards Hazrat Sohna Saein (R.A)

Hazrat Sohna Saein was born in village named Khanuwahan. Those who met Huzoor Sohna Saein R.A. used to get impressed by his pious, down to earth, loving, shariah abiding personality. This is known that on way to Mosque from his house, he used to wrap a handkerchief around his head (which we saw his whole life later on), kept sight down, and walked such gently just like an Angel in the ecstasy of the love of God enlightening the hearts of the passersby. Not only Muslims, but non-Muslims also fell in love with such characteristics. Many Muslims followers came to see Sohna Saein when decided to migrate from Khanuwahan village to Deenpur, requesting Sohna Saein to not leave them alone, that was about the love of Muslim followers. However followers of the Hindu religion came to see Sohna Saein wearing handkerchiefs (which is considered humble in cultural means) and requested him forgiveness and asked if they have committed a wrongdoing which is influencing you to migrate from here. They asked on the name of God to stay there and not make them orphan (because Hindu followers also believed Sohna Saeen as a sign of blessing for them). Sohna Saein mentioned Hindu followers the reasons of his migration, but even then they insisted and wept endlessly. This is also historically known that on the day Sohna Saeen was migrating, the inhabitants of Khanwuahan village mourned to such extent that someone had died in their village.

From few of these incidents, once can easily conclude that life of Sohna Saein was spent in the love of Allah, following of the true leader sarkar-e-madina Muhammad S.A.W, blessings on all the creatures of god and love with the entire humanity. For us who believe in seeing-is-believing approach, the only one prospect of life of Sohna Saein seen outwardly visible was – was his extreme desire of the love of Allah and his Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, but the reality was he himself was beloved of Allah and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, just as the famous Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai says in this context...


Tell the lover, the one you fell in love with
Transforms in a way, that the lover becomes beloved

In the quotes above, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A. unveiled a mystical secret. He explains that the real lover is the one – who one day becomes beloved himself. This is exactly like the lover follows his love, meaning the lover of Allah (Prophet Muhammad S.A.W) and follows same style and beliefs so one day the lover will transform into the beloved. The second quote of the above poetry mentions transformation of a kind which means that the lover will only be able to become beloved only after surrendering himself and transforming into the one he loves.

Friends this transformation is the characteristic of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. As Allah says in Al Quran, “Say! That if you love Allah, then follow me, and Allah will love you”. So friends, if you are honest in your pursuance my (Allah’s) love, then there is a sole way to gain my love is to follow Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. This is an age of egotistical and fraudsters attitudes, humans have lost the essence of humanity, even animals do not attack other animals of same breed, but sadly humans have today become human hunters, just like a poet said


Aadmee akhlakh mtaai, manhroo kio
Kanree kaee subhko manhron sindo maas

Wish that humans begin understand the high status of humanity and stop injustice on each other. Protect other people’s rights along with their own rights. Create unity amongst other humans beyond the difference of their tribe, nation, cast, sect and religion.

The presence of true friends of Allah in these severe environment is the symbol of human welfare and is a savior and reason from God’s punishment in this world. One doesn’t become a true human by only being self-sustaining himself, but it also require the following of the god as well as the guidelines of the prophet Muhammad S.A.W, and most importantly love of the every person - without any discrimination and difference whatsoever. Indeed, these were all the characteristics present in my Shaikh Mehboob Sohna Saeen R.A.

Even it is difficult to find words to explain and thank Allah for his blessing by giving us such a pious lineage, as we don’t have a degree to return the gratitude he gave us.


Hazaron saal nargis apni bay noori peh roti hai
Bari mushkil say hota hai chaman mein deedawar paida

As unique humans on which the humanity delights, lovers who become the reason for the existence of this world, those who are spiritually transformed in the love of Allah whose lives are a bright guidance, those whose willingness and patience are the pride of the religion of Islam, whose sacrifices are even shed light by Al Quran, those who created a life for themselves, which is of life of forever glory, which is immortality until the day of judgment.


Marna aghi jee miaa, see mare thia na maat
Honda see hayat, jenra aghi jee jiaa

Materialistically hidden from our sight, far from us in this finite world, woefully parting from us, is now enjoying the gloriously gathering with the great creator of all. But even today, the river of the bliss flows interruptedly at the Darbar of my Shaikh Sohna Saein. Today, the spirit and livelihood is not only present at his spiritual center at Allahabad Shareef, Sindh, but its affection and fondness is increasing with every passing day. People hungry for divine love visit his spiritual center from all across the world and return after being enlightened. There is an increasing trend of visitors at the spiritual center of my Shaikh every passing day and they belong to different nations, different countries, and different religions and from a variety of different walks of life.